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Governance and Community

St. Francis Xavier is a diocesan school of the Catholic Diocese of Savannah and the parish school of Saint Francis Xavier Church in Brunswick, Georgia.

The Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools sets the policies and standards to govern our school and to ensure a unified mission, programmatic consistency in the curriculum, and inter-school collaboration among all schools in the Diocesan Catholic School system. Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School benefits by gaining a clearly-defined vision for Catholic education, a well proven academic framework, and an organization for enabling academic, athletic, and extra-curricular interaction. 

The goals and objectives of our pastor and the parish community are to provide insight and guidance related to the particular needs and expectations of our parish families. The educational management of our school administration accomplishes the mission for Catholic education.

Through the School Advisory Board, Parish Council Finance Committee, Home and School Association, and Athletic Association, the school's parent community contributes expert advice in areas such as finance and accounting, information technology, marketing and public relations, and the general welfare of our school. Such contributions are an invaluable component of Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School's success.

The School Advisory  Board is composed of administrators, parents, alumni/ae, former parents and friends of the school, each of whom has special talents that serve the school community.





St. Francis Xavier School Advisory Board Members


Maureen Hodor, SW parish member, parent


Stephanie D'Amico, SW parish member, parent


Catherine Caauwe, NOL parish member

Additional Board Members

Eric Beerman, SFX parish member, parent

Leanne Conway, SFX parish member

Jamie Lane, SFX Parish Council Liaison, parent

Amanda Murphy, SW Parish Council Liaison, parent

Martha Ritola, SW parish member, parent

Michael Scherneck, SFX parish member

Patrick Walsh, SW parish member, parent

Ex-Officio Members

Fr. Timothy McKeown - Pastor of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

Msgr. John Kenneally - Pastor of St. William Catholic Church

Dr. Terry Mermann - Principal of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School

Additional Board Representatives (non-voting)

Richard Taylor- SFX Home and School Association

Fr. Christopher Hassel - SFX Parochial Vicar


If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact us at 265-9470, or call your pastor.