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  • Spirit Wear Web Form is open!

    It’s time to order your Spirit Wear (again)!!

    Place your orders on RenWeb under Web Forms. Deadline to order is December 17. This is the last chance this school year to order Spirit Wear.

  • Masks Optional


    As of October 11, 2021, we are returning to the optional yet encouraged use of face masks in school.

    Studying the data from the Georgia Coastal Health District, one can readily see that the transmission rate has dropped considerably since we mandated the wearing of masks. On August 19, the transmission rate was 1769/100,000 and today the rate is 395/100,000. That is a 77% decrease! In light of this tremendous reduction in the transmission rate, I am lifting the face mask mandate and returning to the optional and encouraged use of face masks in school.

    I continue to believe that the Coronavirus and its variants are very serious and potentially fatal, and we must be vigilant in doing all we can to stay safe and keep others safe by washing hands frequently, socially distancing as much as possible, staying home if not feeling well, and wearing a mask if comfortable doing so. In addition to those mitigating measures, we continue to clean desks, door handles, and restrooms throughout the day in addition to the regular nightly cleaning and the spray/fogging of disinfectant twice each week.

    Please know that this virus is unpredictable; therefore, the policies we have in place must be flexible and subject to change as safety and prudence dictate.

    For the past eighteen months, there have been so much uncertainty, confusion, and conflicting opinions, but what has remained grounded and certain has been our love for our children and our desire to keep them safe, healthy, and present in school. 

    Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support though these challenging times.