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Dear St. Francis Xavier Families,

It is with great excitement that we announce that the school renovations will begin on June 1, 2019! A new roof, a new electrical system, new light fixtures, new air conditioners, and new windows will give our school a whole new look! The architect and builders predict that the renovations will take about seven months to complete.

In order to complete these renovations and to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, St. Francis Xavier Catholic School will temporarily relocate to a building which we will lease from the City of Brunswick at 503 Mansfield Street.  We will lease the building from August until the renovations are completed sometime before Christmas. The building will accommodate grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. Our Preschool and Pre-K classes will be held in the St. Ann room and St. Joseph room in Xavier Hall.

A strong structure in excellent condition, the Mansfield Building will be equipped with cameras and a security system similar to the one in use at the school. The building has ample room for our dedicated teachers and staff to offer innovative teaching techniques and creative styles of instruction. In addition, student activities will be scheduled regularly during the short occupancy, and daily routines will have few disruptions.

Careful consideration has been taken to choose a site only two blocks away.  This location will allow the students to be close enough to the school and church so their schedule will still include weekly Mass, P.E, and extracurricular activities.

This relocation will be an important and significant undertaking to complete our renovations.We will be forming a transition team, including teachers and parents, to assist in planning, organization and logistics. Please let us know if you are interested in helping in any way.  Complete cooperation is essential to the success of this project and we appreciate your willingness to guarantee St. Francis Xavier Catholic School’s encouraging future.

After many years of ideas and planning, we are excited about these major renovations! Thank you for all the various groups that have helped prepare for this moment.

We invite parents to visit our temporary location later this summer.

God bless you,

Fr. Tim McKeown                            Dr. Terry Mermann

Pastor                                                 Principal


Campaign Update

Our Forward with Faith Campaign has raised enough to begin Phase One of the renovation process. Starting in June, we are going to rewire the building, convert to a modern HVAC system which will be much more effective and resourceful, convert to new LED lighting, increase our ADA accessibility and cover the school with a brand new roof so that it will be protected for years to come. We would like to make additional upgrades that would not only make the building more efficient but also more beautiful. First and foremost, we would love to replace all of the windows and classroom doors used daily by our students and teachers.

Please pray this Lenten season that additional contributions to Catholic education will give our next generation a beautiful building in which to learn the ways of Christ. Each week, 191 students attend SFX School and on Sundays 154 students attend the Parish School of Religion. That means at least 345 young people come through the doors each week to learn about God’s love for them and then share that love with the Golden Isles community. Please discern and pray how to best participate as we keep the great legacy of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School moving forward!

For each of the following, a naming plaque would be furnished in recognition or in memory or honor of someone. 

  • Complete Classroom (doors, windows, technology, desks, HVAC)              $55,000
  • Replace all of the classroom doors in the school                                              $50,000
  • Update communication system to include Xavier Hall                                   $30,000
  • Additional fencing to secure campus                                                                  $20,000
  • New reception area                                                                                                 $20,000
  • New school secretary office                                                                                   $20,000
  • Replace the windows in a classroom                                                                   $20,000
  • Upgrade a classroom with the latest technology capabilities                         $10,000
  • Outfit a classroom with student and teacher chairs and desks                      $ 5,000

For more information, please call the office of Director of Development at 912-264-6805, ext. 13 or email